Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Monday

Monday Is One Day
By Arthur A. Levine
Art by Julian Hector
Scholastic, 28 pages
$16.99, ages 3 to 8

It's Monday – a dreary rainy Monday where I live. For many 9-5 work-a-day folks it's the start of a long stretch until they can look forward to the long family days of the weekend.
According to the jacket flap, that was in Arthur Levine's mind when he developed the concept for his comforting and charming Monday Is One Day, which opens with the line: "The hardest part of going to work is being apart from you."
So "let's count the days till we're both at home."
Each day is marked by something special, puddle stomps, playing with a toy T. rex, helping dad pick out a special tie. Then it's the weekend and time for fun.
Hector's bright illustrations have a retro feel, but there's nothing retro about the families he depicts: multiracial, grandparents caring for a child, single mom, gay dads.

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