Monday, April 26, 2010

For Arbor Day

Arbor Day Square 

Arbor Day Square
By Kathryn Galbraith
Illustrated by Cyd Moore
Peachtree, 36 pages
$16.95, ages 4 to 8

Arbor Day Square, by Northwest author Kathryn Galbraith, begins long ago in a town on the prairie.

“Everything smells new,” young Katie tells her papa.

Everything is new and the town is growing quickly. Each week the train brings new people, along with lumber for houses and barns.

Soon work begins work on a town square, but everyone realizes that the project is sorely lacking trees. So they pool their money and order some from back east.

When 15 saplings arrive on the train, Katie is disappointed at their size. Papa promises her they’ll grow. The trees are planted in the square, and slowly but surely year after year they do grow, and more trees are added and they grow, too.

Galbraith’s story has a lyrical, lovely pacing. By the end, Katie is grown with a child of her own. The town square is lush and green. We see how trees help many generations enjoy a beautiful park.

Information on Arbor Day is included at the end.

Cyd Moore’s gentle watercolors fit the tale nicely.

- Rebecca Young

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