Monday, March 22, 2010

Newsprint from the past

My daughter (the designer of this blog, by the way) happened across this long-ago article on Google news.

It was fun to read, but I have to correct one thing. Even back then, my education about what made a good children's book was more involved than reading to my children and the neighborhood kids. There were college courses, many conferences, talks by authors, illustrators, editors and extensive reading about children's books. And I'd read thousands of children's books – good, bad and ugly.

That's another point to note from this article. I don't often bash books anymore, as I did in one of the reviews.  There are so many great books that need attention that I don't want to waste time and words on those that shouldn't get it. Once in a while if a prominent author comes out with something that is surprisingly awful, I might write about as a warning. Marc Brown's "The Gulps" was one instance a couple of years back. But usually I want to recommend books.

Want to know how long I've been doing this? My kids are 8, 6 and 4 in the article. Halley is now 24; Ben is 21 and Noah is 19. I'm no older though.

-Rebecca Young

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