Monday, February 1, 2010

Exercise for brain and bodies

Taking the dogs for a walk is an excellent excuse to listen to The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins, on my iPod. Fabulous book + exercise for me + exercise for dogs. Win-win-win!


Dana said...

You may find your walks getting longer and longer as you get into Hunger Games...I listened to the audio book while driving across four states and seriously considered just cruising around until I finished because I reached my destination too soon!

Rebecca Young said...

Yes, well now I've finished both audiobooks and am frustrated to have to wait until August for the third. The second ends on a major cliffhanger. I haven't been so caught up in a plot, children's or adult's, for awhile.

The audiobooks are quite good, by the way. Not all audiobook readers are created equal. Carolyn Carolyn McCormick does a terrific job keeping pace with the excitement and emotion of Suzanne Collins' story.